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My name is Nellie Markus and I was born in 1958 in Zevenhuizen.

I followed the Creative Therapy course, majoring in drama. The training was only the beginning and I followed and still regularly attend workshops in the field of theater and voice. Interest in the inner world of people was a strong motivation to also follow the training 'Yoga and Philosophy'. Following the writing course at Script+ in Amsterdam was the next step. The first four years I took the course 'Writing stories', then Literary Prose to conclude with the last year 'With the emphasis on Style'.

I completed this with the publication of a story 'Ook verdriet heeft een geur' (Sorrow also has a smell) in the collection of short stories De Lift. I believe in the power of theatre, dance, music and visual arts. I know what play can mean to give a place to unpleasant experiences, and not only as a therapist, I have also experienced this myself. To me drama is a medium that can heal. For another it is drawing or painting, for yet another music or dance.

In addition, I see what sport brings to young people. Not every child wants something with theatre, dance, music or drawing/painting. Some of the young people at NPH can express themselves much better in a sport. Enjoying a training session, the pleasant tension to play a match, to score... in short, sport is also an indispensable part for young people. And that's why we decided to add sports to the projects we set up. As well as the library. Theater and books are indispensable in my life. Books are a mirror, show you another world and I could go on and on about what a book can offer you, but every bookworm knows that for himself. The young people in NPH are very eager to read and a lot.

The enthusiasm of the young people when they participate in creative projects or when they play sports is the motor for me to get started here in the Netherlands to collect money. And when I see how the eyes of young people who like to read start to shine at the idea that we are going to set up a library, it motivates me even more to get started here.