The employees speak


My name is María de Lourdes Benítez Chávez, born on October 22, 1970 in the state of Hidalgo. I graduated in kinesiology and sports. In August 1999 I started working at NPH, first as a physical education teacher and from February 2012 as a coordinator of all sports activities and in addition, the cultural activities and Casa Buen Señor and Cuarnavaca.

My function is to coordinate all activities in the house. These include football, karate, boxing, volleyball, zumba, yoga and basketball.

I am proud to work at NPH. It feels like one big family. Everyone is 100% committed and wants the young people to feel at home here.

Making a play with the children. That offers them so much. It develops their creativity, it also strengthens the mutual bond between the young people. In addition, it increases their self-confidence and frees them from their fears. They regain courage.

The opportunity to go to the theater (concert/museum) with young people has great educational value. It stimulates their development, they participate in a cultural event, it encourages them to learn about all kinds of culture. It stimulates them to want to know more about all kinds of artistic expressions.

Jose Manuel Fernandez Mendoza

Manuel followed general drama/dance and drawing training. He gives theater lessons and drawing lessons.

For Manuel, theater is a means of expression that is universal for the whole world. Where all emotions can be interpreted. You can express your sadness, your joy, your anger in it.

He sees that the youngsters 'grow' in their development when they play. That they will dare to become more and more confident. The importance of learning to play together, to form a team, also creates friendships. And trust each other.

Creative subjects have an enriching effect on the development of the child. It makes the development of the youngsters more complete. They learn to use their imagination, discover other worlds, and they learn to deal with emotions better.

It would be a fantastic opportunity for the children to go to a show. It would enrich their lives. It breaks the daily routine. They dive into another world for a while and enjoy themselves. Forget their worries for a while, that would be so good for them.

Forming a theater group and performing abroad. A fantastic way to publicize our projects in this way and also a way to collect money as a theater group.

The drawing lessons:
No longer just sitting in your head, but being absorbed in the drawing you are making or the painting you are working on. The youngsters leave differently than when they come in. It's so important, especially when you have experienced many unpleasant experiences, to be able to express them in an expressive way and thus give them a place. It would be fantastic if we could go to a museum with the young people. They are in a completely different world for a while and that is enriching. In addition, their imagination is stimulated.


Mexican folklore dance

Dance is life for me. I have performed for years. Now that I have two children, that is no longer possible, but I enjoy teaching with great pleasure.

The Mexican folklore dance connects the young people here with their roots, teaches them more about their identity. Boys and girls dance together and learn to respond to each other in a respectful way. Moreover, it is a way of processing emotions.

When I see the young people dancing, I see their joy. I see how they are connected with themselves, with the others and the world around them.

Rocia Rosales


Zumba offers the opportunity to connect different dance forms. I use various music styles (folk music, Latin, rock, pop). I use these different styles to develop the sense of rhythm in the young people.

During Zumba you are completely absorbed in your movements, you don't have time to think about other things.

I love to teach, to see that the young people are really tired after an hour and a half of intensive dancing. But I also saw that they enjoyed the class and were completely absorbed in the music/dance.

Martha Neri Lòpez

Martha is a music teacher and has been working at NPH for several years now. I notice that the young people really enjoy music. During the music lessons they are very concentrated and forget their worries. It would be great if they could go to a concert. It expands their world. If the youngsters would also play outside NPH, we could give more publicity to the creative projects and in that way find people who would like to sponsor us. And performing abroad would really be an opportunity that we absolutely won't say "no" to.

Erick Arturo Castro

Soccer boys

He is a physical education teacher and has played as a professional football player for 'Pachuga'.

Football is a sport where you learn to work together as a team. Each team member has his own specialty within the team, his own role. You complement each other and each is important. He also wants to pass that on to the boys from NPH.

The competitive element is also important. You learn to commit yourself to a goal to give the best of yourself. Winning is a celebration, losing is learning to deal with adversity and learning from what went wrong.

Abdul Abraham Perez Cabrera


Abdul is a physical education teacher and has a master's degree in sports innovation.

Athletics is a way to learn and push your personal limits. During athletics you learn to discover what you are good at and how you can develop that aspect of yourself as best as possible. This also increases your self-confidence.

In relay races, the young people learn to work together, to dedicate themselves to the group.

And what is of course important for the youngsters, forget their worries and enjoy physical exertion.

Jessica Ochoa Rocha

Soccer girls

Jessica enthusiastically plays along with the girls. The girls can de-stress at football and what is important to their strength. Learning to team up, take your place and go for it is also the aim of the lessons. Jessica is busy training the team for competitions so that the competition element will also play a role. Winning as a team is a kick. It lets the girls experience that they can all create something together. Losing means concentrating on how to do it better and how to go for it.



Lorenzo is a physical education teacher and a passionate basketball player. For him, sport is indispensable in everyday life. Discipline to treat your body well, not to drink, not to smoke and to live healthy is what he wants to teach the young people, among other things. That is why he does not come to NPH by car but on foot. He wants to lead by example.

Basketball is a sport in which young people learn to work together as a team. The group regularly participates in competitions. This element is very important. The young people have a common goal to work towards, to commit themselves to. And that creates the discipline to train.

And what is of course very important, the fun in the game.

Victoria Cruz Hernandez


Victoria works at NPH and has an administrative training. Her passion is reading and she is now busy setting up the library.

Reading is so very important, especially for the young people here. They can get to know other worlds through a book, increase their language knowledge. They can also learn to understand themselves better. And what is of course equally important, it is wonderful for them to relax for a moment, to forget the world around them for a moment.

Ricardo Klayen

Coordinator of the projects where support/assistance is given to people from outside the family home.

Ricardo, together with the young people of NPH, organizes drawing lessons, music lessons and computer lessons for the children in the vicinity of the family home.

At the age of nine my mother died and my father started drinking. At some point he could no longer take care of us and himself. We, my sisters and I, couldn't go to school anymore and we were lucky if we could eat something twice a day. One of my aunts saw what was going on and took us in. Unfortunately, she couldn't last long. We lived with eight people in two small rooms and soon she also lacked money. She heard about NPH and I was placed there with my three sisters. I was able to go back to school, study and then I joined a special program set up by Father Wasson (the founder of NPH). He was convinced that every child growing up at NPH should also learn to care for another who is in a difficult situation. And that's what I want to do. Support the people who live outside the family home and who are having a hard time. The young people here learn that they have to look around, connect with the world and mean something to someone else.

Rafaél Bermudez Gutierrez

Position: National Director of Family Homes in Cuernavaca and Miacatlan.
At the age of three, Rafaél came to live in the family house, together with his brothers. He knows better than anyone what it means to experience such a drastic event as a child. After graduating, he worked in other family homes in Latin America before becoming National Director of the two family homes in Mexico.

How he manages it, I don't know. But if the word "animated" belongs to anyone, it is to this man. He knows the names of all the children (hundreds), their history and every child is equally important to him and deserves 100% attention.

“Creative projects are so important to our children. It offers them the opportunity to express their emotions in an expressive way. A project like this, making a play together, gives these children so much. Fun, but also the opportunity to express themselves in a way that suits them. One wants to play, the other dance, the other paints the decor or makes music. Not only expressing emotions in an expressive way, but also creating something beautiful together. That gives them something to be proud of."

Carlos Oguin

Carlos is director of the family home in Cuernavaca. He also lives on the property and is always busy with the children. He works a lot and hard and he is also busy in the evenings. He plays volleyball with the youngsters, plays football or is busy talking to a youngster who needs it at that moment.

"The creative projects are an extra addition to our program. An addition that is extremely important. Not everyone likes sports and it offers the children who want to be busy in a different way an opportunity. An opportunity to express oneself and to give a place to problems from the past."

Padre Felipe:

At Nuestros Pequeños Hermanos (WorldParents) we also emphasize the importance of creativity. We have beautiful traditional Mexican dances and music. Our founder, Father Wasson, was also an advocate of creative and artistic subjects. And he has sent some of our children to study at the Mexican Palace of Fine Arts.

We do our best to make the children feel like family rather than living in an institution. But it is so difficult to give the children all the experiences they would have had in a normal family. For example: children always go by bus and if they can ride with a car once, they know not how to open the door from the inside. And if you then ask what it would be like to take them to a theater or concert or museum, I think: it would be an unforgettable experience for them. Truly unforgettable. And they also learn a lot from it.

I am a big supporter of the creative projects. I see children, who are otherwise very shy, play with bravado on stage. And I enjoy. I see children who otherwise look sad, laughing. The development I see the children go through, that pleases me so much.

If they had the opportunity to perform, what good would it do them. They can draw attention to the children here on the spot in a creative way.